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Coaching Philosophy

Rocket Multisport coaches work together with their athletes to determine limiters and purposefully target training and resources to measurably improve performance. We focus on:

  • Athlete education - understand the purpose of your workouts and how they help you achieve your goals

  • Regular, supportive personal communications - workout successes and challenges, changes due to outside influences

  • A holistic approach to the athlete as a person - we work to understand outside stressors and influences on your training.

  • Encouraging athlete ownership of their training and performance - we are invested in YOUR training.

Coach teaching a cycling team


Endurance sports success comes from building low-intensity durability along with high-intensity repeatability. We seek to tailor training plans and recommendations to each athlete's individual needs, physiology, time and stress constraints.

Using the latest data analysis techniques, we track key performance indicators throughout your training to ensure we are on track, and implement training interventions scientifically and historically proven to maximize your performance.

All coaching is conducted using the excellent and time-tested TrainingPeaks platform.

About Coach Kurt

Head Coach Kurt Braeckel started in endurance sports as a runner at the age of 12. Now a masters road cyclist, runner, and triathlete, Kurt has invested more than 20 years studying endurance sports training, with particular focus on cycling, running, and triathlon.

Kurt started coaching in 2018, shifting his focus to coaching full-time early in 2022. He is a Level 2 certified USA Cycling Coach, Level 1 certified USA Triathlon Coach, and Level 2 certified Training Peaks coach.

A retired Navy veteran, husband, and father of two young girls, Kurt trained and raced through myriad life challenges and understands the impact of life stress on our training. A science nerd his whole life, he studied Aerospace Engineering (hence the name!) at Purdue and practiced nuclear engineering during his 20-year Navy career.

Coach Kurt profile photo
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